Thursday, January 19, 2012

Stanley Tweedle

Hello everyone!

Xev here again to talk to you about another "valiant" member of the Lexx adventures...

Stanley Tweedle
His name is Stanley Tweedle. Originally an "assistant deputy backup courier" for the Ostral-B Heretics against His Divine Shadow.

Assistant Deputy Backup courier

After being captured by Sub-Nebulae mercenaries and sold to the Divine Order, he provided them with the codes to the defense system protecting the Reformed Planets; as such, he is branded Arch-Traitor.

 Sub-Nebulae Mercenary

His compatriots are slaughtered, and Stanley is captured. The smuggled DNA is extracted from him and used to grow The Lexx, a living, sentient spacecraft able to destroy entire planets with a single devastating shot.

The Lexx

Stanley was deemed harmless and unimportant, he soon fades into the bureaucracy of The Cluster, His Shadow's central planet, eventually becoming a security guard 4th class for the same government he had once fought against.

Security Guard 4th Class Number 476329-43 Department 511 Level 4
After a mixup, Stanley was charged with a forced triple organ donation, after being late to turning himself in, an execution order is placed on his head. After escaping with Zev and Thodin, he received the key to the Lexx. 

Stanley receives the key
I'll explain why I look different later, but let's just call her "Zev" for now. Anyway, after this Kai, Stanley, and I escaped The Cluster into the Dark Zone.

Stay tuned for more back story information before I go back to individual story information. 

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  1. Cool blog, now following! well good read!

    1. Thanks! Looking forward to your content as well!

  2. I'm digging this! Sci-Fi is one of my favorite genres. The Lex looks very phallic!

  3. Lexx is a very sexual and weird show. Check out the first episode, Amazon has it free.

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    1. I hope you check out Lexx, it is the most amazing Sci-Fi show in the two universes :)