Monday, January 23, 2012

Zev and Xev Bellringer of B3K

Well, we got Stanley and Kai out of the way... Now I think it is time to tell my tale.

This is me. I started out as Zev of B3K.

Before coming to The Cluster
I know. I know. It doesn't look like me. This is before I was taken to The Cluster. But, let's go back earlier...

When I was a baby, my parents did not want me, they took me to the Wife Bank on B3K.

Zev as a baby in the wife bank on B3K

I lived in a box, with no people around. Only machines and prerecorded images. As I grew up, I was trained in the ways of being a good wife.

Telling me what I should say to my husband.
It was years before I was able to leave the Wife Bank on B3K. Eventually, I was given to my husband.

My Pig Husband

He was a pig. He was rude. He called me a cow. I couldn't take it. All those years alone for this moment and then anger just took over. 

Punched him out
Following this, I was arrested and taken to The Cluster (the seat of power of the League of 20,000 planets and the Divine Order) to answer for the crimes of failing to perform my wifely duties.

After the Memory Search
The judge found me guilty and I was sentenced to be transformed into a love slave.

Holographic Judge
I was taken to the Lusticon to be transformed into a Love Slave.

Scanning commence 


During the process a Cluster Lizard got loose and came into the Lusticon during the transformation process. 

Cluster Lizard
As a result, I was fused with Cluster Lizard DNA, becoming part Cluster Lizard. I emerged from the Lusticon, a new women...

New Woman
Just when the Love Slave programming was about to be downloaded into my head, I put instead a nearby robot head. The robot head received the love slave programming and I was the first person he saw.

790 the Robot Head

After I escaped with the help of Stanley Tweedle and Thodin of the Ostral B pair... we stole the Lexx and escaped to the Dark Zone.

Cluster Lizard in Action, Protesting Stanley

You're probably wondering why I look so different from my first entry. Well, later on we returned to the Light Universe to attempt to find a new home. Along the way, Stanley was injured and we took him to a medical facility. They attempted to steal the key for the Lexx from me and kill Kai. I eventually took Kai's place while I was transformed into a cluster Lizard. Who I was before.. was killed.

My Death
Later on, a plant came onboard the Lexx and took the form of one of Stanley's dream women. After consuming some vistors that were onboard the Lexx, she was able to restore my life essence using the left over protein I left after I died. What came after was Xev. 

Freshly Reformed
There you have it! You know a bit more of my history and how I came to be onboard the Lexx. Within the next few weeks, I'll begin to tell the stories specifically. I may do a short entry on 790 before then. Until next time... 

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